Essays and notes

Here are some of the essays I wrote and notes that I compiled, while studying at Gairloch High School and the University of Edinburgh.

I've decided to put this stuff on the Internet in case it happens to be of use to anyone. However, please bear in mind that some of the information may be inaccurate or out-of-date. If you use material from these essays in your own coursework, make sure you acknowledge the source properly, since colleges and universities have strict policies on plagiarism.


Ecological Economics

Climate change and development in the South Pacific
Coconut oil as a biofuel in the South Pacific
Ecological footprinting
Modelling of deforestation
Replacement of income tax with energy tax in the UK
Sustainable management of growth in European air travel
The impact of climate change on Vanuatu



Are pigeons ideal free foragers?
Evolution of androdioecy
Influence of somatic mutation on lengths of haploid/diploid stages in life cycles
Inherited microorganisms and sex determination of arthropod hosts
Parasite damage and host responses: the example of Plasmodium
Queen replacement in honey bee colonies
Shell loss in molluscs
Starch synthesis and its manipulation
The role of experience in the development of vision

Animal Evolution revision notes
Animal Orientation revision notes
Arthropod Biology revision notes
Behavioural Ecology revision notes
Carnivores and Behaviour revision notes
Evolution of Sex and Breeding Systems revision notes
Population and Community Ecology revision notes
Plant Science revision notes
Quantitative Zoology revision notes


Business Studies

Mergers and acquisitions
Motivating employees
RFID tagging in supermarkets



Swearing in English