View from Ranwadi School to volcanic Ambrym Island, Vanuatu

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Waterfall on Pentecost Island, Vanuatu

"I wish I could tell you about the South Pacific."

James Michener

Canoe on Paama Island, Vanuatu


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November 2007 - Students endure rewards and disappointments at the end of the school year, the islanders get glued to the screen, and a white girl is nearly sold into marriage in exchange for a pig.

October 2007 - The coming of the palolo worms, the adventures of a crazy dog, a dangerous trip to the southern tip of the island, and the consequences of drinking lantern fuel.

September 2007 - The ongoing struggle to keep the wildlife of my house under control, the island where everyone is family, and the remarkable stories of a hundred-year-old man.

August 2007 - The honouring of the Japanese ambassador, the village where pig's teeth are money, and the dangers of the devil nettle.

July 2007 - The continuing modernisation of the islands, and the gathering of their schools for a week-long sports extravangza.

June 2007 - Reprimanding students for failing to bring weapons to school, and hearing romantic teenagers get a form of education they've never had before.

May 2007 - My parents visit the crazy little country that their son now calls home, and Vanuatu mourns the loss of a beloved figure by getting very, very stoned.

April 2007 - Cyclones and tsunamis pass us by, but the island is struck instead by cruise ship tourists.

March 2007 - A trip into town on the deck of a cargo ship, and living through a national emergency without noticing that anything was wrong.

February 2007 - The struggle to get the school organised at the beginning of a new year, amidst the sweaty humidity of the hot season.

January 2007 - A chilly January summer holiday in Scotland, and the return journey to Vanutau via Malaysia and Western Australia.

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